Tomato Processing, Olive Oil and Wine Industry Wastes, Italy


Assess production of soil improvers from consolidated composting processes at real scale and innovative pyrogasification of regional tomato processing, olive oil and wine industry wastes.


For compost, assess and improve existing drawbacks in the process and quality of wastes treated. For the rest, use CINSA’s pyrogasification prototype to produce biochar of high quality. Then improve biochar through mixing with beneficial microorganisms with biostimulant properties, acting finally as a soil improver.


Cogeneration of new technologies to process residues from different value chains. Production of new soil improvers to be tested in field alone or as a cargo for microbial plant biostimulants.


The results and the technologies (in particular pyrogasification) can be extended also to other value chains of both plant and animal origins.
Compositing and tomato processing Italy

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