Mixed Food Processing, Germany


Assess production of soil improvers from regional digestate obtained from mixed food processing waste streams (vegetables, fruit, pomace from wine production).


Agro Energie Hohenlohe GmbH & Co KG farming enterprise with 80 ha land and CHP with 500 kWel from biogas. It represents an Innovative Biorefinery based Lighthouse. It combines different technologies to obtain N, P and organic fertilisers from anaerobic digestate. These products have high potential to be applied as soil improvers as proven in plot-size and on-farm experiments. Their effect on soil is further assessed by comparing with relevant soil health indicators. Their use will also be evaluated regarding their contribution to improving food processing value-chains.


Demonstration and further advancement of current value chain.


Results can be transferred to other regions in Germany and other EU countries. Biorefinery is built as a modular system, modules can be adapted to respective needs for residue treatment at other sites.
Living Labs Mixed Food Processing Germany

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