Mixed Food Processing, Spain


Assess production of soil improvers from mixed food processing wastes composting and anaerobic digestion processes at real scale (Selecció Deseuras and FERVOSA) and innovative solid-state fermentation (SSF), pyrolysis and non-thermal atmospheric plasma (NTAP) (UVic-UCC and ULE facilities) of slaughterhouse, dairy and vegetal processing industries waste streams (coming from MAFRICA, Quesos Riudavets, etc.).


Characterise and test two existing soil improvers: compost and pelletised digestate; at testing lands (UVic-UCC) and/or cooperative lands (Cooperativa Plana de Vic). Test 3 innovative technologies for generating high-value soil improvers: SSF, Pyrolysis, NTAP (UVic-UCC and ULE facilities).


Co-production of soil improvers from different food processing residues using innovative technologies and testing their effect on soil health in pot and field trials.


Results can be adapted for multiple value-chains (aquaculture, beverages, wine, olive oil, etc.) and transferred to different regions and countries.

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