Vegetable Food Industry, Satakunta Region, Finland


Vegetable farms, food processing industry and circular bioeconomy companies operate in the Satakunta region, Finland, but the value chains require optimisation. Knowledge is needed on resolving risks such as pests and pathogens in residue streams and on new possibilities for converting processing streams into fertiliser products and soil improvers.


The Living Lab will work to develop a biotechnical solution for either the vegetable food production process or the post-treatment process to manage the defined challenges of the residue streams. The Living Lab will involve actors from across the vegetable value chain, such as vegetable farms, food processing industry, producers of bio-based recycled fertilisers and biogas plant together with the Biopaja Lighthouse, a hub for testing, development and implementation of biomass processing and fertiliser production.


Luke Natural Resources Institute Finland
Biopaja is Luke’s experimental facility in Jokioinen. In Biopaja, various solutions can be tested to study and demonstrate the nutrient and organic matter recycling of different biomasses. Luke works with and serves stakeholders in developing and adopting recycled fertilisers, renewable energy and other value-added products.


Co-creating innovations in the side stream processing chain to reduce the risk of biological contamination (pests and pathogens) in vegetable residue streams to produce safe and tailored fertiliser products and soil improvers to improve soil health.


Results will be applicable to respective vegetable value and food chains with similar challenges in EU and beyond.
Living Lab Coordinator: Pyhäjärvi Institute
Field visit to Rapi experimental farm

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