Project Overview


The Horizon Europe DeliSoil project aims to demonstrate improved operations to produce recycled soil improvers and bring safe, regulated, sustainable fertiliser products to market and promote their use.

The project will work from 2023-2027 to:

Valorise nutrients and organic matter in food processing side-streams as tailored soil improvers, developing innovative solutions from vegetable, meat, insect cultivation, olive oil, wine and other food industries.

DeliSoil project objective 2

Establish five regional Living Labs and various Lighthouses for researchers, farmers, industries, and citizens to co-create innovations for healthy soils.

DeliSoil project objective 3

Identify technological, financial, legislative and social barriers and enablers in support of these goals.

DeliSoil project objective 4

Establish an evaluation framework for the design, implementation and monitoring of the performance of actions and strategies for improved soil health.

DeliSoil project objective 5

Raise public awareness of soil health and of the safety and potential of circular solutions.

Value Chain

Delisoil Value Chain Graphic

Expected Outcomes

With the ultimate goal of improving soil health, the project also expects to deliver:

  • New technical solutions for processing food industry byproducts into organic soil improvers and fertiliser products.
  • New value chains created for food industry side-streams with the demonstration of viable business models.
  • Empowered interdisciplinary design processes for improved management and recycling of processing side-streams.
  • Community building and cooperation with stakeholders to facilitate knowledge sharing.
  • Increased consumer acceptance of solutions through awareness and societal appreciation of the vital functions of soils.
DeliSoil project expected outcomes