Work Packages

DeliSoil operates through 7 Work Packages (WP)

WP1 - Food industry processing residue streams

Led by UVic-UCC, the team will identify, quantify and manage regional food processing residue streams through standardised valorisation processes to obtain soil improvers. WP1 will:

  • Map the potential of EU regions to recycle food processing residue streams as soil improvers.
  • Set existing baseline scenarios in regions to valorise food processing residue streams as soil improvers and their current application.
  • Convert selected residue streams into soil improvers, target improved nutrient balance and health of regional soils, especially those destined for food production.
  • Make gross estimates of soil improvers that can be allocated.
  • Demonstrate technical feasibility of proposed environmental tech to convert residue streams.
  • Set a procedure to assess quality and stability of generated soil improvers.

WP2 - Soil health restoration and improvement

Led by ENEA, WP2 will improve EU soil health through tailored soil improvers and investigate their ability to enhance and restore soil fertility in selected cropping systems. The partners will:

  • Collect available data from related EU projects and long-term field experiments to define the driving factors associated with soil improvers influencing soil health.
  • Assess, via experiments and plot-scale field trials, the impact of tailored soil improvers on soil health and agronomic performance, additionally in synergism with microbial-based inoculants.
  • Develop best practices for application of tailored soil improvers in Living Labs and Lighthouses.

WP3 - Enablers for the conversion of food byproducts and waste to soil improvers and fertilisers

Led by Proman, WP3 will facilitate the conversion of food byproducts and waste to soil improvers and fertilisers. The partners will:

  • Select and characterise available and suitable technologies to convert food byproducts and waste.
  • Screen and evaluate: Existing legal frameworks; Existing financial frameworks for industry, intermediaries and farmers; Existing social perceptions on supporting or hindering beliefs; Challenges related to food industry residue and soil improver logistics for best practices in a fair value chain.

WP4 - Environmental risks and sustainability

Led by Luke, WP4 aims to assess the risks and environmental benefits of food processing residues processed as organic fertilisers and soil improvers. This will involve:

  • Estimating effects of land application on nutrient losses to water and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Assessing risks related to contaminants and other hazards in soil improvers.
  • Comparing environmental impacts through the entire life cycle of different treatment options.

WP5 - Living Labs, multi-actors and socio-economics

Led by MEERI, WP5 aims to strengthen relationship of major actors through effective collaboration with the value chain, and will:

  • Identify and create conditions for cooperation with key stakeholders.
  • Create collaborative networks while actively supporting market introduction and uptake of solutions.
  • Set up Regional Working Groups to engage participants in creating solutions.
  • Develop and implement educational content and tools to increase societal and ecological awareness.
  • Foster circularity of food system through educational campaign targeted to different audiences.
  • Facilitate implementation of soil friendly practices and provide guidance through other regions.
  • Provide policy recommendations to facilitate uptake of innovative technologies and products.

WP6 - Dissemination, exploitation & communication

Led by ERINN Innovation, WP6 aims to maximise the transformative impact of DeliSoil among a wide range of target audiences via extensive dissemination, communication, knowledge exchange and exploitation of outcomes. This WP will:

  • Elaborate and implement the Plan for activities on ongoing basis, ensuring efficient and strategic external communication, dissemination, outreach to engage all relevant stakeholders with activities and results.
  • Ensure outcomes and Key Exploitable Results are analysed and effectively transferred to identified, targeted stakeholders, while safeguarding IP.
  • Work closely across all activities to ensure multi-actor involvement.

WP7 - Project management

Led by Luke, WP7 will ensure DeliSoil’s successful implementation and completion, including governance, scientific coordination, creating a working environment that supports collaboration and co-creation.